Salt Bae

The recipe calls for

1 tsp


That's about 5.02g of salt.

What is this?

Lots of recipes (for example those by Bon Appétit) call for a specific amount of salt but only specify the volumes for specific brands of salt. Home cooks outside the US (like me!) may not be able to get salt from the specified brands, but still want to use the correct amount of salt.

That’s why I built Salt Bae: It converts teaspoons of Morton’s Kosher Salt or Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt to their weight in grams.

How to Use

Enter the needed amount of teaspoons and select the Salt that is specified in the recipe. Salt Bae will instantly display how many grams of salt you need.

For example: If the recipe calls for 2½ tsp of Diamond Crystal, you can see that you need around 7.14g of whatever salt you want to use.

Built by @danjel with feedback from @wundertaeter.